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  • Jeffrey Goodman

    Jeffrey Goodman

    Navigating facts and numbers to help people. Strong opinions on climate change and healthcare. Objective, not neutral. MIT engineer, Wharton MBA.

  • Supriya Singh

    Supriya Singh

    Reporter at Japan’s biggest news agency. Penning a fiction around a girl from India who moved to Japan at 15, her career in journalism, and all in between :)

  • A Palace Of Ideas

    A Palace Of Ideas

    Writings on languages, literature, and life musings.

  • Viston Tea

    Viston Tea

    Viston Tea is on a mission to inspire curiosity and spread the joy of discovery through tea. Follow for educational 5-minute stories about tea.

  • Cynthia Sutera

    Cynthia Sutera

  • Yujiro Seki

    Yujiro Seki

  • Kate Kinoshita

    Kate Kinoshita

    Trilingual poet, dancer and forest whisperer of mixed Japanese/English heritage.

  • Eric Armstrong

    Eric Armstrong

    Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!

  • Wendy Jones Nakanishi/Lea O'Harra

    Wendy Jones Nakanishi/Lea O'Harra

    Wendy Jones Nakanishi is an academic specializing in 18th century English literature and has written three crime fiction novels set in Japan as Lea O’Harra.

  • Lillian Esther

    Lillian Esther

    Journalist, writer and editor by trade. Moonlighting as a thinker. Bilingual. 日本語と英語.

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