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Hi there! Thank you for reading my articles.

I write primarily about startups and venture capital with advice for startup founders, though sometimes when I’m feeling inspired, I throw in a bonus article.

After building and exiting two companies of my own, I’ve been an angel investor for over a…

Follow Airbnb’s example with a simple problem and solution

A pitch begins with a description of the problem and solution. It’s the most difficult part of the pitch to get right and the most critical. You either hook the audience immediately or leave them lost and confused from the beginning.

As a venture investor and startup mentor, I see…

Is Medium changing directions or doubling down?

The goal of every venture-backed startup is to get acquired (or do an IPO.) But acquisitions are almost always by industry giants that can afford to pay cash or tradeable stock for a fresh high-flyer.

Startups rarely acquire other startups. What little cash startups have in the bank they need…

All the elements investors need to understand our business

The pitch deck is how startups introduce themselves to investors. It’s arguably even more important than the product itself, so we’d better make it compelling.

The pitch deck provides investors with a summary of our business. It needs to be comprehensive in scope, covering everything from the problem and solution…

An Analysis of Medium’s Payment Rate Shows…

Many writers on Medium have claimed payments for articles have decreased recently. (A couple of examples here and here.) I set out to find out if that is true or not.

With the new Referred Member program, writers get paid for signing up new subscribers. …

The leader in any category can make huge margins. Everyone else loses money

Trick question: which is a better business plan:

  1. Targeting 1% of a $100B market
  2. Aiming to take 30% of a $1B market

If you answered #1, you’ll have a hard time attracting investors.

Simple math says #1 is worth $1 billion while #2 is only $300 million. …

The scariest decision is to leave a salary and join our startup full-time

The founders of a startup asked me a simple question. They’ve been working on their startup on nights and weekends while holding a regular job during the day. They wanted to know when they should quit their jobs and join the startup full-time.

I hemmed and hawed and finally gave…

DC Palter

Entrepreneur, angel investor, writer, sake snob. Author of the series on pitching to investors at https://pitchingangels.com.

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