Everything you don’t need to know about me

Hi there! Thank you for reading my articles.

I write primarily about startups and venture capital with advice for startup founders, though sometimes when I’m feeling inspired, I throw in a bonus article.

After building and exiting two companies of my own, I’ve been an angel investor for over a…

The trap of over-valuation and how to avoid it

The most remarkable change in venture funding since the start of the pandemic has been the steep rise in valuations.

For founders, higher valuations are generally wonderful. Who’s going to complain about getting more investment for less dilution?

But valuations that get out of whack with reality can be a…

The Colonel’s Angry Spirit Keeps the Hanshin Tigers from Japan’s Baseball Championship

Since 1985, Osaka’s Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース) baseball team has not won the Japan Series. Hanshin fans believe this is due to curse put on the team by Colonel Sanders.

The Hanshin Tigers are the baseball team of Osaka, the 2nd largest city in Japan. …

Be Careful Who You Pick a Fight With

Yesterday I got into a fight with the crazy owner of a car parked illegally in front of our house. This morning the spot was covered in graffiti.

It started three weeks ago when someone parked an old white Ford beside our driveway and went away.

Unfortunately, this isn’t unusual…

Understanding how angel groups operate is key to successful funding

Angel investment groups are the biggest source of funding for startups at the pre-seed/seed stage. However, most founders don’t understand how angel groups operate and think of them as an early-stage VC. This leads to misunderstandings and frustration, and ultimately rejection.

Founders who understand how angel groups operate and adjust…

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